The Black Sheep Cafe @ Mayo Street

This place is known for its limited menu. There’s only like 4 starters, 5 mains & 2 desserts. Seems like the chef’s few signature dishes are enough to hold the fort. Good thing is that there is no GST or service charge here.

They have very simple decorations. Simplicity in itself is a beauty?

Prawn Bisque ($8.50) – The soup is lacking in flavor. The bread that accompanies it is good thou. Crispy at the edge, soft on the inside.

Crispy Pork Cheeks ($24.00) – This dish comes with roasted pears, and leeks, orange glaze. There’s a thick layer of fats on every piece of pork cheek. Feel so sinful. Thankfully I only took a few bites. We’ve never come across any other place with this dish thou & he likes it.

Duck Confit with Apple Rösti ($22.50)
– Served with mango relish thats very palatable. This duck confit is really good! Crispy skin with meat soft enough to just peel off from its bone & yet tender to the bite. The apple rösti makes a good combination to this dish.


The Black Sheep Cafe
35 Mayo Street (Off Little India, Opp Sim Lim Tower)
Singapore 208316

Tel: 9272 1842 / 6292 5772

Opening Hours
Mon-Sat: 11.30am-3pm, 6.30pm-11pm
(Closed on Sun)


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