Keisuke Tokyo @ Parco Marina Bay

My first thought before stepping in here was ‘high class prawn noodle soup??’. Was quite hesitant initially since we can easily get a very good bowl of prawn noodle soup out there for less than $10. We wanted to try its neighbour but there was a long queue & also since we tried that before, we decided to give here a try.

The interior is considered spacious as compared to the other ramen house we visited.

Prawn Stock Ramen Special ($19) – I ordered this. Wanted to taste the soup in its original flavor. Think they put lots of ingredients & use many hours boiling it. The soup tasted very robust. In the soup are dumplings but no prawns. The special comes with the extra side dish.

Prawn Stock Miso Ramen Special ($20) – There’s an added miso flavor to the soup. It tasted good as well. In comparison, this is more flavorful than the original prawn stock which is already robust.

The side dish that comes with the special. Tender chicken, an egg & preserved lettuce stems. Incase you think the chicken looks white & lack flavor, it is actually quite nice.

Though I still prefer the normal ramen in pork bone broth, the ramen here is something different for a change. As mentioned earlier, I felt that it’s on the pricier side & remained happy to have tried it once.


Keisuke Tokyo
Parco Marina Bay
9 Raffles Boulevard 
P3-02 Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596

Tel: 6337 7919

Opening Hours
Daily: 10.30am-10.30pm


2 responses to “Keisuke Tokyo @ Parco Marina Bay

  1. Wow the decor looks really good.

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