Tarafuku Japanese Buffet @ 313 Somerset

My mini birthday celebration with a few close colleagues & ex-colleague. Came to know that Tarafuku, part of Tampopo group, had transformed it’s restaurant to buffet style & most of the food can be found in Tampopo’s menu. I’m excited!

Sashimi – They have salmon, tuna, swordfish & ika. Not sure if the top left hand corner is yellow tail. There’s no salmon in the picture because each time when they place it out, it’s very fast gone. Guess most people still prefer salmon sashimi as compared to the rest.

Prawns – Succulent & fresh prawns with decent size.

Shabu Shabu – With complimentary plate of black pig. Enoki mushrooms, cabbage, glass noodles & tofu can be found at the buffet counter. The staffs were attentive in topping up the soup.

Ramen – I personally like Tampopo’s black pig ramen & this is exactly the same. The only thing is I can’t remember if there’s black pig in the soup.

Flavored Egg – I usually order this when I eat ramen & here it’s free flow. The egg yolk is runny but the egg is cold.

Hand Rolls – A wide variety of hand roll you can order over the counter. We didn’t try this though.

Chawanmushi – Soft & smooth. Literally melts in the mouth.

Tempura – The good thing is they allow orders of only Ebi Tempura. It definitely tasted better with the dipping sauce.

Grilled Squid – This is another of my favorite dish. Maybe because it turned cold so it’s a little tough but I still enjoyed it.

Salmon Shio – Mediocre. We don’t really fancy it.

Teriyaki Chicken Wing, Chicken Chop, Quail Eggs & Balls – Same as the grilled squid, the meat is tough. The only thing we like from here is the quail eggs.

Beef – Guess it taste better in small slices. The big slices is a little tasteless. Perhaps because it didn’t soak enough of the gravy.

Loin, Ika Karaage, Chicken Karaage

Ebi Fry, Fillet

Milk & Custard Pudding
– I’m not a fan of milk & custard but my friend says it’s as good as the ones from Taiwan.

Desserts – The jelly has a weird taste. The cream puff & sponge cake are our favorite. We love their cream which tasted like milk that’s slightly sweet. 

The tea & orange juice are also free flow. Overall I enjoyed the food. Guess not many people know about this place yet as I don’t see long queue or full house. If you are a frequent visitor to Tampopo, it’s worth paying this place a visit.

Their price range is as follow:
Lunch/ High Tea – Mon to Fri ($15.80++/ $5.80++),
                                       Sat, Sun & Public Holiday ($17.80++/ $7.80++)
Dinner – Mon to Thur ($25.80++),
                   Fri to Sun, Public Holiday & Eve of Public Holiday ($27.80++)
Supper – Daily ($20.80++)

**Disclaimer: This batch of photos were not taken by him. I borrowed his camera. So if you find the photos not up to standard, yes, it’s taken by me!


Tarafuku Japanese Buffet
313 Somerset
313 Orchard Road
#B3-31 – 34
Singapore 238895

Tel: 6634 0889

Opening Hours
Lunch: 11.30am-2.30pm
High Tea: 3.00pm-5.30pm
Dinner: 6pm-10pm
Supper: 9pm-10pm


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