Rokeby @ Jalan Riang

rokeby2Celebration for him getting another year wiser. He is not so enthusiastic to celebrate it this year as he think he had just crossed the national youth age. Haha.

Lemmy Lemonade ($5) – I didn’t expect it in a bottle. The taste is just right. Neither too sour nor too sweet.

calamariGolden Calamari Rings ($10.90) – Just right chewy calamari rings in lightly crisped beer batter, the perfect combination. Goes very well with the chilli mayo dip too.

chicken wingsVegemite Glazed Chicken ($11.90) – We wanted to order the Mushroom Fritters but they ran out of it. So we substituted it with this. Unfortunately, the sauce is not to our liking as we find it too salty & there’s too much crispy bits on the skin.

musselsRokeby Chilli Mussels ($19.90) – You get to choose the spicy level from Zero, Mild, Hero to Legendary. We opted for Mild & it’s just right for us. The sauce is pleasantly savory, a tad sour from the tomatoes & lightly spicy. Totally satisfied with the generous serving of mussels.

stewBraised Ox Cheek Stew ($20.90) – The sauce is addictive. We took the bread served together with the mussels & wiped out this sauce. The mash potato is also velvety smooth. The star got to be the ox cheek. Tender & melts in the mouth, we crave for more of it.

tiramisuHome Made Tiramisu with Bailey’s Irish Cream ($6.50) – In an occasion like this, a cake is a must. It’s more on the bitter side but we like it.

There’s no service charge or GST. The good food made up for the lack of ambiance. Glad that he enjoyed it.

Initially I felt kinda guilty as we were supposed to go somewhere else for high tea but due to my lack of diligence, we didn’t manage to make a reservation. So this place was kinda last min & reservation was only placed the night before. We were given the least romantic table near the entrance which made me even more guilty. The staff was nice & tried to change a table for us but due to some misunderstanding, we stayed put at our table. Guess what, the staff actually gave us a ‘special’ discount because of this. Not that we are hard up for it but we really appreciate their sincerity & kind gesture. Good customer service like this goes a long way. Kudos to Rokeby & their team!

15-9 Jalan Riang
Singapore 358987

Tel: 9106 0437

Opening Hours
Tues-Sun: 9am-10pm


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