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Hatched @ Evans Road

Came here with a bunch of close friends to celebrate me & another friend’s birthday in advance. Am really glad that all of them made it despite the rain.

Saw the chick in the 1st picture? It’s actually a hat. Saw some people wearing it to take photos. It’s quite amusing.

Latte ($5) – Coffee & tea boost to start the day.

Smoked Royale – Do Two ($16) – My poached egg with hollandaise sauce & smoked salmon on muffin. I like the flowly egg yolk on my muffin. It also comes with their homemade mash potato topped with cream of mushroom. Delicious!

Cowboy ($14) – Juicy steak on muffin with a fried egg on top. Those who crave for some meat may consider this. On top of the other muffin is sauteed mushrooms and onions.

Popeye’s Salute – Do Two ($14) – Poached egg with hollandaise sauce & spinach on muffin. Vegetable lovers may consider this.

Burly Benedict – Do Two ($16) –  Poached egg with mormay sauce & corned beef on muffin. This dish is served with sauteed potatoes with caramelised onions instead of the homemade mash.

Oliver Omelette – The Designer – Select 3 from a list of about 10 toppings. Additional topping is chargeable at $1 each.

El Chorizo ($14) – Scrambled eggs cooked with chorizo sausage on toast.

Chocolate Souffle – They ordered this as my birthday cake. It’s the closest they have here to chocolate lava cake. We find it too sweet. So much so that 9 of us can’t even finish 1 of this.

When we made reservation, they advised us to come after 2.30pm if we want to avoid the crowd. The food is not fantastic but it has a nice concept as a ‘egg place’.


26 Evans Road
#01-06 Evans Lodge
Singapore 259367

Tel: 6735 0012 / 6735 0013

Opening Hours
Tue-Thur & Sun: 8am-10pm
Fri-Sat: 8am-12midnite
(Closed on Mon)