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Manbook Galbi BBQ – Tanjong Pagar Road

We wanted to try another highly raved Korean bbq buffet at Tanjong Pagar but gave up when we saw the queue. Was trying to satisfy the birthday boy’s craving for meat & we chanced upon this place further across the road.

The side dishes that accompanied the meal.

Ikan Bilis – One of our favorite.

Kimchi – This is my favorite.

We ordered the Beef & Pork Set ($60) – Included in the set is 1 portion each of prime beef short ribs, beef short ribs, sliced pork belly & pork short ribs.

The pork short ribs are nicely marinated & very tasty. The staff there does the bbq for us & most of the time the meat were nicely cooked. We  also like the bbq king oyster mushroom with the meat.

They do provide a basket of fresh lettuce. It does help a bit to remove the greasy taste in your mouth. A healthier choice too perhaps.

Kimchi Soup ($12) – According to him, the kimchi soup tasted authentic. It’s a little too spicy for me though. It comes together with a bowl of rice.

There’s a smoke exhuast hood on top of every bbq stove. You can adjust the height of the hood higher or lower. This helps a lot in keeping the smell & smoke away from us. Though it’s pricier compared to the other Korean bbq joints, we enjoyed the quality meat & preferred the ambiance of this place.



Manbook Galbi BBQ Restaurant
63 Tanjong Pagar Road

Tel: 6221 9942

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sat: 11.30am-12midnite
Sun: 6pm-12midnite