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Satsuma Shochu Dining Bar @ The Gallery Hotel

It’s our first year wedding anniversary. During reservation I did mention that we are celebrating our anniversary & they gave us a tatami seat at a nice cozy corner.

hot sake1
hot sake2
Hot Sake ($19) – Not dry & quite easy to swallow. The only thing is that it turned cold too fast in the air conditioned place.

asparagus porkAsparagus rolled with Pork ($7) – One of our favorite. Love the juicy & crunchiness of the asparagus.

cheese pork
Front: Cheese rolled with Pork ($5) – The cheese is more of the chewy kind & does not melt in the mouth. A nice combination.
Background: Golden Mushroom rolled with Pork ($6) – Seriously we couldn’t tell it’s golden mushroom initially. It’s been squeezed together too tightly I guess.

chicken wings
Chicken Wings ($7) – Not much marination or taste.

Mushrooms ($6) – Simple dish. Have a mild bitter aftertaste.

pastaSpicy Cod Roe Spaghetti ($15) – Kind of strange to find pasta here. Well, it’s the only pasta in the menu & pretty well done.

Squid with Sauce ($9) – Grilled to the right texture. Tender & just right chewy.

chicken fillet
Left: Chicken Fillet with Fish Roe ($6) – The meat is rather tough & dry. Can’t taste the fish roe.
Right: King Oyster Mushroom rolled with Pork ($6) – I’m quite a mushroom fan & I like the crunchiness of this too.

pork cheek
Pork Cheek ($7) – Despite after the grill, the meat is still tender & juicy. Much better than the chicken fillet earlier.

quail egg pork
Quail Egg rolled with Pork ($6)

meat bar
Meat Bar with Raw Egg ($6) – A very interesting dish. Mix the unique sauce with the raw egg & it became a very nice dip for the meat bar.

We really enjoyed the food here. More hit than miss. At least we know what we must order & what to skip the next time. The food here also brought back fond memories of our honeymoon at Japan.

Lastly, just thought to share this video taken 1 year ago that’s special & meaningful to us as we celebrate this special occasion.
Happy 1st anniversary my dear & still counting!


Satsuma Shochu Dining Bar
1 Nanson Road
#01-10/#02-10 The Gallery Hotel
Singapore 238909

Tel: 6235 3565

Opening Hours
Mon-Fri: 12noon-2.30pm
Sun-Thurs: 6pm-11pm
Fri-Sat: 6pm-1am